Our Story

What we believe: The achievement gap can and will be eliminated. We will do this through strong, targeted instructional practices. The best education happens within orderly environments and creativity can be expressed within this. Structure allows for the heavy lift to remain on thinking critically and creatively and not on behavior. Good schools focus on scholarly learning. 

Our parents are essential partners. They trust us with their children each day, and we commit to constant communication centered on academics and behavior.

The standardized assessments we take (STAR, MAP, STEP, LEAP, Benchmarks ) provide valuable data that must inform our instruction. From these assessments, we create our lesson plans to target our scholars’ greatest needs. We do not believe in the false dichotomy between genuine teaching and teaching to the test. All genuine teaching will help scholars do well. We do, however, make sure to incorporate test-taking strategies into our instruction regularly.

Our Mission

The mission of ReNEW McDonogh #28: City Park Academy is to foster creativity, encourage academic risk, and empower resilience in our scholars toward their success in the high schools and colleges of their choice.

Our Values

Hard work

ReNEW *is* a mission. *We* at MCPA are on a mission. Our drive is to operate a high-quality public school that takes any scholar and prepares them with the knowledge, skills, and character to go on to college and to have a successful, happy life.

We focus on:

  • The needs of our scholars
  • Building a community that shares our core values and supports one another
  • Using every minute of the day to help our scholars achieve MORE academically and personally

MCPA is a culture of high expectations. We expect more from our scholars, more from our parents, more from our teachers, and more from our administrators. Only by expecting more can we achieve more!

Our high expectations push our children to:

  • Reach higher
  • Work harder
  • Learn more than they have ever been asked to do before.